Hermeneutics in seven questions.

In this series I would like to address seven questions about hermeneutics. Everyone whom I will ask these questions will always get the same question until the answers transform the point of gravity in those question. In that case I would change the questions for the next participant. 

  1. What is “Understanding”? 
  2. Is Understanding a violent act? And if so, how is it a violent act?
  3. Can you imagine misunderstanding as a practice of care? I mean to misunderstand someone, or something opens up the possibility to reflect on what I thought and what I wanted to know.
  4. What is the future of hermeneutics? Is there a future of and a future for hermeneutics?
  5. Is hermeneutics beautiful? Does hermeneutics have its own aesthetic agenda?
  6. Can hermeneutics be something else instead of a method practiced by conservative white male academics? How do we think of a queer, decolonized hermeneutics? 
  7. What is “dark” about hermeneutics?

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