About the Blog

This is a blog about the dark sites of hermeneutics written on a literally “dark” site of the internet.

While hermeneutics tends to be a method of light, illuminating the meaning as aletheia (that which is not hidden), dark hermeneutics uses elements of deconstruction and object-oriented-ontology (OOO) to find one’s way around the unlit places of poetry and art. Why use deconstruction and OOO? For me OOO tends to be the sequel to deconstruction, that what follows. Therefore it might give a new perspective on hermeneutics as a practice of engaging with literature and art.

You will read engagements with theory as well as with poetry and other artifacts from 1800 to the present. The texts will struggle with language (for it is written in English by a non-native speaker, to avoid being all too familiar with the accustomed language) as well as with the meaning the engagements will produce.

The goal is not to understand (miss-understand) or to read (perceive) better, but to get used to the darkness, to what is withdrawn within artifacts, language, etc.

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